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This is why we have a blog


More twinner conversations coming at ya soon!

That is all.


On Paranoia

I think we can all agree that when you have your first child, it brings a new level of paranoia to your life. You spend nine months preparing, researching, reading, waiting…and then this little amazing thing is suddenly laying on your chest in the delivery room and it’s the most exhilarating, soulful thing you’ve ever experienced in your life. It hits you–I KNOW NOTHING. I hate to break it to you, but there is no adequate way to prepare for being a parent. Suddenly, you are responsible for a life that is not your own! With great power, comes great responsibility, right?

I bring this up because becoming responsible for another person’s life has made me one paranoid parent.Is she breathing? Is she happy? Does her tummy hurt? Does she know how loved she is? These thoughts go through my head every day, and I think they will last for the next 18 years at a minimum. But the best example of my paranoia lays in what I am about to tell you.

My little Violet has slept in her Rock N Play Sleeper (word to the wise, pregnant mamas, you NEED this) next to her bed since we brought her home. This is both for convenience, since babies wake up so often at night, and also for peace of mind. In the middle of the night I like being able to glance over and see her, make sure she’s okay, and fall back asleep. However, she has seemed restless at night lately. I think she’s trying to tell us, “I’m ready for my big girl crib, bitches.” (What? Surely I can’t be the only one who narrates their baby’s thoughts with curse words.)

Sigh. Off to the crib she goes. This conversation between Kristen and I ensued:

Kristen: So you’re seriously going to sleep in there?

Kindra: Yeah.

Kristen: So did you guys put the air mattress in there too?

Kindra: Our air mattress died 😦

Kindra: That reveals the extent of my paranoia…I am sleeping on a pile of blankets on the floor of my daughter’s room. Lol.

Kristen: That would make a good Facebook post if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Kristen: I can guarantee you that this won’t happen if you ever have a second child.

Kindra: That is a correct statement.

Kindra: Baby #2 we’ll be like, “Oh where’s the baby? Sleeping under the couch? Ok cool.”

Kristen: Yup pretty much.

Kindra: One day you will be doing the same thing!

Kristen: I like to tell myself that I won’t.

Kindra: Go ahead…try to say you won’t…I’m taking a pic of this convo so that I can hold it over your head one day.

Kristen: I like to think I’m not that kind of person

Kindra: Hmmmm perhaps I will make this a blog post, so it lives on in the internet.

Kristen: Perhaps you should FINISH your blog post. Put that on the internet.

Kindra: Shush.

Kristen: Also, it’s called the world wide web.

Kindra: Shush again.

Kristen: Hater don’t hate.

This conversation illustrates two things: (1) the embarrassing extent of my paranoia and love for my daughter, (2) the proof I need to tell Kristen a big fat “I told you so” when she goes through this one day! 😃

So comfy in her crib. And so oblivious to her mother’s paranoia.


Motivation, Where Art Thou?

I can’t get no…motivation! *sung to the tune of “Satisfaction”*

So yeah…as you can guess I am feeling quite lazy. I’m in a slump, if you will. My to do list is growing by the minute but I just. don’t. feel. like. doing. it. Right now I could be (1) working out, (2) cleaning the kitchen and washing bottles, (3) cleaning the house, (4) folding laundry, (5) job searching, (6) cleaning Violet’s room…trust me, the list goes on.

Hands down, the one I most feel like I should be doing at the moment is working out. Working out makes me happy. When I got the ‘all clear’ from my doctor to workout again post-childbirth, I was so happy to get back out there. Now? I think about working out all the time. I just haven’t gotten up to do it. I can’t quite figure out what happened? I have access to a gym. I have access to group fitness classes. I have a good selection of workout DVDs and free weights at home. I can run anytime I like. And yet here I sit.

Guess what tomorrow is? Monday. This week Papa Winne will be staying with us while he’s in town for work, Violet has three doctor’s appointments (one of which is in Tampa) and two different playdates scheduled, and I seriously need to start job hunting. But no more excuses…time to make it a habit again! So, this week:
• I will workout three times this week.
• I will attend at least one group fitness class.
• I will go for a run at least once this week.

*Updated to say: I started this blog post on Sunday, edited it on Monday, and finally published it on Wednesday. How’s that for motivation? It extends to other areas of my life besides physical fitness!*

PPS. Last night I had a dream that giant vegetables were chasing Kristen and I through Barnes & Noble, and she yelled at me to hide from a giant carrot in the cafe. So yeah…any dream interpreters wanna take a shot at that one?

My running shoes are gathering dust! Help!



I’m still breastfeeding (yup, we talk about boobs on this blog!), so I try to eat a lot of healthy fats and good-for-baby food, such as whole grains, protein, nuts and greens. Honestly, this process of feeding my daughter has gotten me into the habit of feeding myself better because I know she’s getting the nutrients also. I think she appreciates it:

Violet Bear Outside

She loves chia seeds too!

One thing I’ve found that is high in Omega-3’s are chia seeds.



They look weird, but the verdict? They’re very filling and have a yummy nutty crunch to them. You know, once you get over the fact that it looks like little ants in your food.

Chia Ants ants!

So far, I’ve only added them to my oatmeal (1 tbsp every morning) but you can also add them to smoothies, yogurt and juices. Oh, and BONUS! After some googling I found out that these bad boys are the same things you make chia pets with! So guess what I did today?

The beginning of my chia garden.

When the space by my front door starts to look like a chia garden, I will let you know.