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Welcome to Two Blonde Twinners. This blog started with a simple text between two twin sisters. The two of us text all. the. time. We have the most random convos that usually end with one of two phrases: “Let’s make sure no one else ever reads this,” or “We should really save these convos for a book one day.” We think we’re funny, so a blog is born!

Meet Twinner #1: Blondie Kristen

If one were to consider the phrase, “Life is like a box of chocolates” as an analogy, then my chocolates would be the following: work, gym, house, family, and fun. You never know which one you’re gonna get! (I hope that leaves you waiting in suspense for further blog posts!)

Meet Twinner #2: Blondie Kindra

Born exactly six minutes after Twinner #1, I am part twin, part wifey, part stay at home mommy (until I find a new job anyways). I am a lover of cupcakes and fitness. Join me on my adventures in becoming a working mom and getting my post-baby bikini body back!


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