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Book Club!

I expect the following statement to be completely predictable for the majority of people who know us well: We love to read!

So much, in fact, that Kindra’s baby shower was book-themed. What better way to encourage your child to read? Start young! As in, when they are a fetus.


Check out the stack of books for Baby Violet in the background!

We also may have been known to read with flashlights under the covers at bedtime.


This obsession started at a young age! I still fall asleep like this.

So it only seems natural that we should integrate our love for reading and books with our new blog. Hence, an arena to share and discuss [one of] our favorite thing(s)…

The following shall apply:
1. One book per month,
2. Dual reviews from two very similar but different perspectives each month,
3. Book to be decided and mutually agreed upon by your favorite blonde twins.

And that, my friends, is what we call a book club!

Up for the month of May:


HeLa! How do you do?

We chose this book for a few reasons, but mainly through a process of elimination comparing both of our book lists (kept in the notepad app on our iPhones).

So get busy reading, fellow readers! We will meet back here for further discussion and review in one month’s time.


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