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A Blog Is Born

There comes a time in every blog-writer’s life when they must suck it up and [finally] write that first post. How does one follow a post about chia seeds and one adorable little lucky charm?

Easy… I don’t! I will be taking you back to way before the chia seeds hit the dirt, and before Kindra even blogged about it. The time when this blog became the genius brainchild of ours.

Kindra and I talk often. As in all day. And, since baby Violet has made an appearance, all night too. Given that we are constantly talking — or rather, texting — our conversations can often take a turn for the hilarious, as I am about to show you.

Ladies (and Gentlemen), I give you the history of our blog:

As a warning, this might not make sense to some people. Maybe not to a lot of people.*

KM: “Wait. So your friend [who recently married] went from Green to Genre? That’s like the same thing.”

KE: “Yes! Isn’t that awesome?”

KM: “Hahaha, yes. You have to promise me if you ever met a person named Winen, you would fly to Vegas and get married IMMEDIATELY.”

KE: “Lolol. Absolutely! Or Wienn.”

KM: “Or Niwen.”

KE: “Oh! If his first name is Ken, it would be perfect! I don’t think I’d even hesitate.”

KM: “Oh. My. God! Hold on a sec.”

Both of us are giggling and hastily – and with out the other’s knowledge – googling various Ken Winen, Wienn, and Niwen on our phones.

KM: “Okay. I found a Winen! He lives in San Francisco.”

KE: “That’s okay. I can travel. We can totally make this marriage work.”

KM: “He has a Facebook page!”

KE: “Should I email him and see if he’s okay with making our first daughter’s middle name Marie? And he has to not be a carrier for CF. And be okay with purple being a wedding color.”

KM: “Lol yes!”

KM: “Wait a sec. Uh-oh. He lives in San Francisco, and likes wine and musicals. Your future husband might be gay.”

KE: “Dammit. Now that might potentially be a problem.”

KM: “Lol… I crack myself up.”

KE: “Me too!”

KM: “It’s a shame nobody else was privy to this convo.”

KE: “It really is! People don’t know what they’re missing.”

KM: “We should start a blog! We will both write in it. It will be amazing!”

KE: “Oh good idea! You can go ahead and take the lead on that project.”

And thus, a blog is born!

That may or may not be a per verbatim conversation.

*Footnote: As is usual in these modern times, Kindra and I don’t really “talk” as much as we “text”. However, as I have known my sister for 29+ years, I think we are able to fairly accurately read and/or hear the implied inflect of the other’s voice when typing. Hearing that convo, rather than reading it, might make it more understandable. Seriously though, it was funny!


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  1. You two are crazy…and funny. 🙂

  2. Too funny! I like Kristen and Ken Winen:)


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